Medical Pharma Co Ltd

Bldingg No Z 1 # 37, Sharjah
United Arab Emirate, P.O.Box No 121940

Fax No: +97165572902

Welcome to Medical Pharma

Medical Pharma Co Ltd is an United Arab Emirates company whose main motivation is the health, wellbeing and vitality of all people.

We offer a broad range of vitamins, Soft Gels Antibiotic Capsules , Syrups Injections Tablets Health care products made from the highest-quality ingredients and using the strictest quality control processes during manufacturing, all at an affordable price.

Healthcare Products Manufacturing Company
Medical Design

Our products are designed and created based on our market research and on our expert understanding of healthcare gained over more than 13 years in the industry. Our range both responds to and anticipates the needs of our customers.

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